Graphic Designer 2015 Trends

Graphic Designer 2015 Trends


As we all know, graphic design is one of the hottest niches in the web simply because it utilizes visual arts, page layout technique, space and images to give outstanding shape to products. The use and progress of technology, has made graphics design gain popularity in the global market. The key feature of a graphics designer is the ability to convey a message and not just bringing new ideas.

Well, graphics design has been around for a very long time. But here are some graphic design trends that we think will be bigger than ever in 2015.

Flat Design

Flat Design

Flat design which is still a developing trend seems to have a great influence. This concept of design draws its influence from various styles of art including: Swiss style and minimalism. Flat design gained popularity when Apple released IOS 7. Flat Design will make its appearance with removing odd features and patterns as the designers want to make their work more realistic and simple,

Material Design


Similar to flat design is the material design which is initially developed by Google. It can be described as not just a style but a method of designing new interfaces. It is also a new way of unifying Google’s products as well as understanding user interfaces where elements are packed together like physical objects in a 3d environment (regarding pixels like paper).

Productive Design

Productive design that is, design created using software program and computer algorithm was considered a big deal in 2014. Design studios started using generative technologies to make patterns based on people’s preferences. Technology these days are making design easy and convenient.

Retro Design Will Evolve

Vintage Web design. Vector Illustration.

Retro will still be considered but rather than all things vintage from the '50s and '60s, designs will be taking from early ‘80s and ‘90s.  Retro design has been a huge influence over the past 12 months, and these designs are brought back to digital realm through gifs and short animations.

Vector Graphics

Graphic Design trends 2015

Another interesting graphics design trend is the use of SVG graphics. It works well on most browsers except some outdated Internet Explorer browsers. With SVG, all your assets can adapt to any screen resolution you may be using. SVG format has other great things among which is the power to embed media-queries to compelling logos that would nicely adapt to any screen resolution as well as be converted to animation.

Hand-drawn Elements

Graphic Design trends 2015

More a preference than a forecast, Hand drawn images is really great trend that will last because people love personally drawn artworks than the use of software. These kinds of images bring about a higher click through rate on a website.

Geometric Method of Designing

Another great trend I see in the near future of 2015, is the geometric approach or method of designing: symmetric constructions, pattern based icons and symbols, well measured and constructed lines. Well, this trend is still in its early development as it relates with transition and visual translation. But I feel rigid geometry will be more in demand later on.

Vibrant Colors


Finally, vibrant colors will make a huge impact and a comeback in the designing industry. The last few years have dulled-down palettes in an attempt to convey a vintage design. Colors are what make design realistic and beautiful. Picking the right colors to design is quite difficult, but when you master the art of color blending etc. you will understand how useful and important colors are to the environment as a whole. At least it’s in a different route than it was, where everything was neon green, hot pink and some other colors too numerous to be mentioned. So in conclusion, the color come

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